Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The exorcist revisited the echoes of 'wild, diabolical laughter' ...

...recall the St. Louis U. exorcism of 1949
This story was originally published April 17, 1988

EXORCIZO, te, immundissime spiritus, omnis incursio adversarii, omne phantasma, omnis legio. (I cast thee out, thou unclean spirit, along with the least encroachment of the wicked enemy, and every phantom and diabolical legion.)
- From the Roman Ritual of the Catholic Church, its Rite of Exorcism

One night almost 40 years ago, when Verhagen Hall at St. Louis University was a residence for Jesuits, a priest just back from a year of study at Harvard University heard a diabolical laugh that froze his blood.
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