Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The media asks, "Will the Archbishop then begin mediation?"

In a conversation with a person who is "plugged in" to both sides of the St. Stanislaus controversy, I am led to understand that:
...this friendly retired archbishop who is proposing some sort 'mediation', was handed substantial cash gifts, presumably to be given to the Vatican, with the promise of even more at some later time.

These gifts were also made, it appears, coincident with the appeal to the Holy See by which intervention was sought regarding Archbishop Burke's directives and policies of late last year.

Further, it appears that the Board informed parishioners of their altruistic generosity after the gifts were handed over.

If the Holy See was seeking some sort of "mediation", certainly it would have notified Archbishop Burke, rather than the board or others at St. Stanislaus, especially given the fact that prior directives from the Holy See were unheeded and ignored.

And one is curious to know where this process of mediation is in Canon Law?
So many questions to ponder....Will PolishSTL come back and join us and provide some explanation? How much was donated to the Holy See? Was there a designated purpose attached to the donation?

BTW, there is a new link of articles being posted for the support of disobedience. Here is an example:
An archbishop in Rome is pushing for a mediator to help settle the stalemate between the St. Stanislaus Church and the archdiocese, church members said Sunday. The Polish parish received the news in a letter written in response to their fight to maintain control of the finances of the church.

Church members marched in front of the New Cathedral Sunday to protest the archbishop's actions against the congregation.

The archbishop was not saying mass in the cathedral at the time.
His spokesman refused to comment on the protest. [all emphasis mine]

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Let's see,
Stalemate...caused by whom?

in response to their fight to maintain control...in defiance of the Holy See and Archbishop.

Church members marched...to protest...in effect, to praise each other for willfully defying the Church. Kinda gives one goose bumps all over, doesn't it?

KMOV wrote the report. It seems that it captured most of the key words perfectly...

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