Monday, October 09, 2006

Mental Prayer for October 10-Companions

Mental Prayer Meditation Helps

Presence of God

Grace I Ask: My God, teach me the value of real friends and show me how my friends can lead me to you.

The Idea: Everyone has to have friends, people who are sincerely interested in him and in whom he is sincerely interested. His friends help him out, give him their time. He does the same for them. The old saying, "Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you what you are," neatly sums up what a person's friends mean to him. Friends help each other in many ways; thus friendship leads them to a good and happy life. In this way they help each other to be good men. By their companionship, their being together, by using their friendship well, they are coming closer to God.

My Personal Application: What type of friends do I have? Are they leading me into trouble? Do they always tell the latest off-color story? Am I bringing this same spirit to them? Briefly, are my friends helping me to God by a good, happy life?

I Speak to Christ: How I envy the men and women who had the luck to meet you, Christ. Let me be able to say at the end of each day, "Those who have come in contact with me today have, perhaps, become better persons by having met me." At least may it be true that "No one who ever comes in contact with me will be worse off for it."

Thought for Today: Be a true friend.
Adapted from Mental Prayer, Challenge to the Lay Apostle
by The Queen's Work,(© 1958)

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