Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Real Treat...Women-Led "Liturgies"

There has been some criticism of my position that there is (and has been) a manipulation of our language in such a way so as to remove any reference to male nouns when referring to mankind as a collective of all, both male and female.

By now, after decades of a faulty feminist mentality, we should all understand where this leads. Here is a perfect example of such irrational thinking (and more) gone awry (from the first 'liturgy' of "Catholic" Action Network, Sept 30 ):
Reflection from September 20th CAN Liturgy

In the reading from the first chapter of Genesis in The Holy Bible, recall the following things:
...the creation of "Humankind" in God's image...

The feminine God is relational. She set forth a pattern of life on planet earth as God's hand laid the foundation of the earth. All of our relations were brought together in one universal webb [sic] of life. When my Native American friends pray, the prayer session is often opened and closed with the phrase: ALL MY RELATIONS!

All ----living or deceased----are honored and thanked because our Creator saw that all of Her creation was good.
The wonder of being human is understanding that we are earth......that the breath of the Creator is in us all....that She created us and all Her relations.....that She is the Word......that from the beginnings, the present, and forevermore....She saw that her Creation was and is very good!

Sort of gives you goosebumps all over, doesn't it...? Who's starting to feel pretty "earthy", one with nature...?

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