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Mental Prayer for October 8-It Takes More Than One

Mental Prayer Meditation Helps

Presence of God

Grace I Ask: Cooperation, intelligence, obedience, and loyalty.

The Idea: Our journey on earth to heaven cannot be made alone. We travel and live with other human beings. This calls for mutual assistance. That is "cooperation." If we don't work together­ - cooperate - we all remain stuck in the mud and get nowhere. Cooperation means a balance of author­ity and obedience.

Someone, then, has to have authority. And for it to mean anything, all the others have to give loyal obedience. So, authority isn't something we have to put up with. It is an important part of our helping each other to God. We get no­where unless, with obedience and intelligence and loyalty, we cooperate in carrying out orders that are given. Authority isn't one man lording it over others just to feel important; it is a necessary part of that steppingstone to God. But authority without cooperation is useless.

My Personal Application: In my own life do I act as if we can all go in opposite directions and still pull together? What is my attitude toward those who may be in charge? Do I try really to make our journey easier by cooperation - intelligent... obedient... loyal cooperation - with my parents... my teachers... my boss? God works through the men and women He has made; and when they are rightfully in charge, then such cooperation is the surest way to put God's will into practice here and now.

No, it isn't always easy! But the journey toward my goal is too important for me to spoil it by refusing the help that only I can give. Do I give it? - intelligent, obedient, loyal cooperation, a means to lead me to God in my everyday life.

I Speak to Christ: Lord, this isn't always easy, and there is no use pretending that it is. But you too obeyed even those who were less good, less pleasant, less intelligent than you. You did it because they spoke God's will and pointed out the way to serve Him. Help me to see how impor­tant, how helpful is this intelligent, obedient, loyal cooperation with those in authority. Give me, too, your help in making it part of my life.

Thought for Today:There is no advancement without co­operation.
Adapted from Mental Prayer, Challenge to the Lay Apostle
by The Queen's Work,(© 1958)

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