Friday, November 03, 2006

Black leaders make a plea to Missouri voters

Despite claims to contrary by John Danforth and selcted "experts", Amendment 2 is deceptive - it will ensure that women will be viewed and treated as commodities; it will subject them to life threatening procedures; and it will target the most poor, disadvantages and desperate women.

Missouri, Don’t Get Egg in Your Face
By Kathryn Jean Lopez

“I’m scared for our young women, especially lower-income minority women who might be deceived by money.”

So says Yvonne Bailey, a black pastor from St. Ann, Missouri, in a new ad produced by Missourians Against Cloning. In it the mom implores, “Protect our daughters. Vote no on Amendment 2.”
The TV ad featuring Mrs. Bailey — which will begin running tonight throughout Missouri and is scheduled also to air during Oprah in St. Louis on Friday afternoon — comes on the heels of press conference and “Open Letter of Warning from State and National African American Leaders on Amendment 2.” In the letter, signers warn:

Amendment 2 says that it bans the buying and selling of eggs for human cloning. In reality, Amendment 2 creates a market for millions of eggs for cloning and medical experimentation. In fact, Amendment 2 creates a safe haven for human egg traffickers in the State of Missouri.

The fact is there are not enough human embryos in fertility clinics to do the massive experimentations envisioned by big biotech firms. Nationally, it is estimated there are only 400,000 human embryos stored in IVF clinics, and most of those are beyond the reach of medical and scientific experimentation. Scientists and bioethicists warn us that millions of eggs will be needed to do the kind of human experimentation that big biotech firms want to do.

The biotech special interests behind Amendment 2 understand this, which is why they have hidden human cloning and egg trafficking in the fine print of Amendment 2.

Let us pray that when this amendment is exposed to light of day, and the truth of its deceptions and trickery become known, it will crumble under the weight of its own insidious deceit.

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