Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lightning zaps Giuliani's remarks on abortion

Manchester, New Hampshire - Was it a sign from above?

Lightning zapped remarks by Republican presidential contender and former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani during a debate Tuesday night, just as he began defending his pro-choice stand on abortion rights against criticism by a Roman Catholic bishop.

Those remarks by Bishop Tobin can be read here.

'I guess I'm here by myself,' Giuliani quipped after a loud buzz momentarily interrupted the sound system. He turned around, then looked skyward as the audience broke out laughing.

'For someone who went to parochial schools all his life, this is a very frightening thing that's happening right now,' he said.
It should be frightening - at least, for one who professes to be Catholic...

As Bishop Tobin says:
Rudy’s public proclamations on abortion are pathetic and confusing. Even worse, they’re hypocritical.
As a matter of fact, Rudy's position is indefensible - for him to claim otherwise, demonstrates just how shallow his integrity really is. In essense, he lacks the qualities necessary to be a leader of a free and just society.

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