Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Revolting But Is It Really Unexpected?

LifeSite News posted an editorial which details facts that would naturally, it seems to me, be sickening for any person concerned with the sanctity of human life:

'Unprecedented' Letter from 7 Bishops Conferences to G8 Leaders Fails to Mention Abortion, Family Life

The G8 countries, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States are known for being the eight leading industrialized countries. They are also all known for permitting the slaughter of innocent unborn children - abortion. All but one of those same countries are also on the road to legalizing homosexual 'marriage' and thus trashing the traditional family and religious freedom in the process.

As the G8 leaders meet this week we learn that "In an unprecedented action, the Presidents of the Catholic Bishops' Conferences of seven countries have written to the leaders of the Group of 8 Countries to urge bold action..."

Bold action on what? Abortion? Destructive research on human embryos? The need to protect the traditional family? Religious freedom?

Prepare yourselves - one would hope that as "shepherds" these bishops would exhibit courage, fortitude, and zeal in their duties...but alas, it appears that many of the shepherds have been replaced by hirelings - no doubt, illegals and imposters working for less than minimum wage.

As John-Henry Westen rightly concludes:

When people speak out on the environment, poverty, health care, peace and security they are applauded and highly regarded. Raise the spectre of rights of the unborn and protection for the traditional family and you are regarded as a pariah and a simpleton.

The cross is an uncomfortable place, but the first bishops of the church joined their Lord on it because they understood that is where salvation and true witness to Christ are found. Embracing the cross is said to be the most fruitful imitation of the Master, who did not tell people what they wanted to hear, but instead what they needed to hear in order to be saved.
Kudos to Westen for this insightful exposure - it demonstrates rather clearly the uselessness of some aspects of episcopal conferences.

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