Friday, May 23, 2008

Transgender “man” weds transgender “woman” in Mexico City

...Mario Sánchez (formerly María Sánchez), a 55-year-old retired female prison guard, and Diana Guerrero (formerly José Guerrero), an electrical engineer, 45, were legally married, with all the rights and obligations of a heterosexual marriage.

To avoid violating the law, the judge who performed the ceremony permitted the wedding only if “Mario” was married as María -- her birth name, and “Diana” was married as José, his original name. Thus, under the law, “Diana” will be the husband, and “Mario” the wife....

Confused? But wait, there's even more!

According to “Diana,” the couple plans to persist in efforts to get married in the Catholic Church. In Mexico, civil law does not recognize Church marriages, and the Church does not recognize civil marriages, so it has long been customary for couples to wed twice. “We will exhaust all avenues, but if the Catholic hierarchy refuses to marry us, we will resort to other churches, such as the Anglican [or] the Unitarian, which don’t have so many prejudges [prejudices?]. The most important thing is to have God’s blessings,” said “Diana.”

God's blessings? For real? I'm certain that He is showering them with graces for a much needed repentance and conversion, but, alas, it does require the exercise of free will to accept this gift of grace. Someone should tell them to avoid wasting time with getting the Church to approve such an arrangement and go straight to some Unitarian sect which, it seems, approves just about anything. But will God bless this "union?"

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