Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Times Union: Bishop Howard Hubbard, An Enlightened Bishop

Howard Hubbard is right to resist the trend of denying certain politicians Communion.

The thoughtful and progressive instincts and sensibilities of the Catholic diocese of Albany are at work in the decision to steer clear of the so-called Communion wars.
Let's see if I have this right...Bishop Hubbard is 'enlightened' because he refuses to safeguard the Blessed Sacrament and would choose to allow manifest public scandal in the reception of the Holy Eucharist.

What then, are we to conclude about Archbishop Burke, Bishop Bruskewitz and others who would do otherwise? They are not 'enlightened'? What about Cardinal Arinze? Is he also bereft of that special 'enlightenment'?

Take a closer look at just who the Times Union includes in that 'enlightened' group.
Frances Kissling of the Washington-based group Catholics for a Free Choice envisions that a ban on Communion to all who supported some form of abortion rights, not just politicians, could empty the churches.

The Rev. Kenneth Doyle, chancellor of the Albany diocese, correctly sees a nightmare in the making if a political scorecard stood in the way of the distribution of Communion. Both he and Bishop Howard Hubbard are admirably determined to maintain a more substantive dialogue about the church's teachings. Denying Communion distracts from such a discussion, the Rev. Doyle explains.
Kissling? Wonder woman of the new "Catholics"...?

Dialogue and education (as Cardinal Mahoney suggests) about the Church's teaching will resolve the issue of pro-abortion, professed "Catholics" and bring them into the Church. Of course, God can perform the miraculous, however, after 30+ years of professed "Catholics" being confirmed in their independence, freedom of conscience, and rejection of the teachngs of the Church, who really thinks this will work? Ah yes, only one who is 'enlightened'!

Many times I am reminded of a quote I heard Fr. Corapi relate during one of his talks, and I do not recall the person to whom it is attributed: "God put obvious limitations on man's intelligence, but He placed no limits whatsoever on man's stupidity."

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