Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More on the Ill-Advised Decision of Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation

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Archbishop Burke is completely correct in his assessment of the situation of the Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation (CGCF)to have Sheryl Crow appear at the fundraiser, the "Bob Costas Gala."

From a KTVI Fox Channel 2 report:
Cardinal Glennon is a Catholic hospital, but Burke believes Sheryl Crow's stance on abortion and embryonic stem cell research are in direct opposition to the teachings of the Catholic church. He calls her views morally evil.

Notice that Fox says that He calls her views morally evil? Abortion and ESCR are morally evil. The Church reminds us that abortion and embryonic stem cell research are both intrinsically evil. Those who can still make use of the natural light of moral reason know this as well. The Archbishop, who with so many others fought and prayed for the defeat of the deceptive and dangerous Amendment 2, has no other choice than to reject this effort by the CGCF to include a performer whose positions on life issues are so morally bankrupt and opposed to the natural moral law.
Allen Allred, the chairman of the planning committee for the gala since it started, and a practicing Catholic, says he's stunned.

"I'm saddened by what's taken place. I'm disappointed," Allred says. "None of this money benefits the Catholic church. This money benefits kids. This is not a think tank, and this is not a seminar on ideology. We don't look at the ideological issues du jour to decide if this is an appropriate person to help us help kids."
It's always easy for one to make a claim of being a "practicing Catholic." Allred's assertion that abortion and embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) are "issues du jour" are preposterous and demonstrate the mental vacuity of so many "practicing Catholics." Since the group is not a "think tank", are the members required to check their minds at the door? One can only wonder where he and others have been for the past year during the Amendment 2 debates and discussions. Perhaps some were too enamored with the Sheryl Crow ad supporting the Amendment to pay attention to Archbishop Burke or to reality?

In addition, Allred's claim that "This money benefits kids," rings hollow - Crow is a woman who advocates the murder of the most innocent. Even if she were to perform for free, it is unconscionable that a professed Catholic would align himself with a supporter of infanticide in order to gain money for those who were fortunate enough to escape the horrors of the abortuary.

People who promote and perpetuate scandalous behavior are a disgrace to all that is decent, upright, and virtuous. Cardinal Glennon hospital should disavow its association with Sheryl Crow until such time as she repents of her support of infanticide, and Allred and others should seek meaningful spiritual direction since they are oblivious of what it means to be Catholic.

The FOX 2 News Report is here and another video of Archbishop Burke is here.

Please remember Archbishop Burke in your prayers as he will surely be castigated and ridiculed for being a faithful shepherd - and pray also for those "practicing Catholics" who seem to have lost their senses and their faith. And poor, pathetic Sheryl Crow needs our prayers as well for her conversion - Remember, nothing is impossible for God!

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