Friday, June 22, 2007

Rep. Russ Carnahan Seeks More Aid for Contraceptives

WASHINGTON — Rep. Russ Carnahan is on a collision course with the Roman Catholic church and the White House for seeking expanded funding of contraceptives around the world.

Carnahan, D-St. Louis, advocates doubling — to $150 million — foreign aid for distributing condoms and other contraceptives in developing countries...

He said boosting contraceptive distribution in developing countries will help stunt the spread of HIV and other diseases while at the same time rein in unintended pregnancies.
Carnahan is a shill for Planned Parenthood and refuses to recognize reality.

Carnahan said he's not concerned about potential backlash from Catholics, or anybody else.
Pride and arrogance. Must run in the family. One might wonder if he is at all concerned about standing before the Judgment Seat of God? By the way, his wife, Debra, is on the national board of Planned Parenthood.

Cardinal Justin Rigali, former archbishop of St. Louis, is among those seeking to keep the White House ban in place. He specifically assailed Carnahan's work in a letter this week to members of Congress.

"Beyond any particular empirical study, logic and common sense dictate that we cannot reduce abortions by supporting groups dedicated to promoting abortions. Such a policy is at war with itself," wrote Rigali, the archbishop of Philadelphia.
Logical thinking, common sense, scientific data, and basic morality are all foreign to the likes of Carnahan. One would have a better chance in talking to a wall.

Among those voting to lift the ban was professed Catholic Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-St. Louis. Hasn't Archbishop Burke already had discussions with Clay?

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