Monday, March 28, 2005

Our Slide into the Abyss of Depravity

Written Saturday & Sunday, in a spirit of melancholy - sadness and grief.

After witnessing, for nearly 10 days, the most recent descent of the United States government into the abyss of moral depravity, most especially by the failure of those in authority to do anything to stop the active, barbaric, and legally sanctioned murder of an innocent woman, can any of us not be ashamed of what this country has become?

First, we, as a nation, murder our unborn because they are an inconvenience - a hindrance in our continued pursuit of self-idolatry. Then we allow those babies who are nearly free from the confines of the womb and the birth canal to be murdered in a grisly and macabre manner known as partial birth abortion. And we have 'progressed' to that point where, after having been fortunate enough to survive the holocaust of abortion, all others who are deemed inconvenient or lacking some subjective 'quality of life', can now be starved and dehydrated to death at the will of the state - all of this in the name of freedom - a "right to die", a dying with "dignity." We have embraced another most cruel and inhumane means of murder and we call it the “law” as if it were “good” and something to be cherished.

Many have been rather gloomy and teary-eyed this past week, watching this heartrending story unfold as it has. In this instance, we have faces to which we can relate. We have the faces of those who embody the goodness of God and the sanctity of His gift of life. And we have the embodiment of that which is evil, putrid and defiled. We have witnessed the work of Satan, in a very special way, right before our very eyes - carried out by some who seem to be possessed by the demons.

How else can one explain the words of Michael Schiavo's attorney when he said that Terri was very "peaceful and beautiful" in her dying state - dying at the hands of the government? As I watched him and listened to his words, I felt sick to my stomach, repulsed by his grotesque distortions and his apparent fascination and glee in seeing an innocent woman dehydrate before his very eyes.

I am wondering how long it will be before those whose respirators are shut off will be deprived of access to air? I do not yet see someone actively placing a pillow or some other object over the patient's nose/mouth IF he continues to breathe on his own, but does this precedent of state sanctioned murder not permit that patient to be deprived of air if he does continue to breathe? Must that patient be placed in an air-tight chamber to fulfill the wishes of the state?

What has happened to man’s fundamental right to life and his corresponding natural right to sustain that life with water and nourishment? It is a violation of the natural law to starve anyone to death, and the positive laws of man should be a reflection of the natural law. When the “laws” of men are opposed to the natural law, we can expect nothing but tyranny and injustice, such as we have witnessed for the past 10 days. What monsters we have become.

I cannot help but fear the punishment that we rightly deserve because of the continued human sacrifices we offer on Satan's altars throughout the world.

How long will God's hand of justice be restrained? How long will He allow us to treat our fellow brothers and sisters this way? What other horrors await us after this one is accomplished?

America's leadership has been rendered impotent. I fear for my country and for my children when we are told that no one can do anything to help an innocent woman who is undergoing a tortuous death – a death that would make Joseph Mengeles proud. I fear for my country and for my children when there are police who obey illegitimate authority and grossly immoral mandates and commands and arrest those seeking to give drink to the thirsty. I fear for my country and for my children because the entire world has seen that America cannot – WILL NOT -even protect her own citizens,

We should pray that God will permit good men to rise up from among us. We should pray that God will provide wisdom and courage to those leaders who need it most. We should pray that God will have mercy on us for the horrors we continue to inflict on His children and our brothers and sisters!

While we should keep our eyes focused toward heaven, in joyous anticipation of eternal beatitude with God, we must not neglect the fact that, along the way, we will be asked to make sacrifices - for ourselves or for others. On this Easter, we should especially recognize that Easter is always preceded by Good Friday...We must be prepared to suffer and die for our Lord and for others as He did for us. He even tells us "the servant is no greater than the Master." On this glorious day of Easter, may our Lord grant us the grace to continue in prayer, reparations, and sacrifices for our sins and for the sins of others.

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