Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Send a Message of Love/Hope to Terri's Family

March 28, 2005

Dear Friends,

The Terri Schiavo situation has brought a sad awareness to many of our fellow citizens about how heartless the culture of death is. Please be assured that no matter what happens in the next few days, we as a people of life will stand together and will, in God's strength, turn back this tide of evil and destruction. Many negotiations are still going on behind the scenes, and Priests for Life is doing everything possible. Moreover, we are in discussion with other leaders about plans for legislation that will prevent this kind of disaster from ever happening again, not only by directly protecting the vulnerable, but also by limiting the power of the courts.

Meanwhile, I would like to deliver your messages and good wishes in person to Terri's parents Bob and Mary, to her brother Bobby, and to her sister Suzanne. If you want to send them a greeting or a promise of prayers, just email Terri@priestsforlife.org, and I will hand-deliver them every greeting you send.

On other matters, there is a new online poll on our web page www.priestsforlife.org. The question for April is, "Should the United States Congress exercise veto power over Supreme Court decisions?" As always, your opinion is welcome. And while you're there, stop in to see our products at www.priestsforlife.org/products

God bless you! Fr. Frank Pavone
Thought I would pass this on...

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