Friday, April 29, 2005

Contact Missouri Senators to Pass SB-2

The Missouri Catholic Conference is calling on Catholics to ask their legislators to pass a Senate bill — without amendment — that would tighten the laws on abortion while strengthening alternatives to abortion services.

Sponsored by Sen. John Loudon, R-Ballwin, SB 2 would allow lawsuits against people who help minors evade Missouri’s parental consent laws to obtain abortions in other states. The Senate approved the bill last week by a 26-6 vote, with two absent. It now heads to the House for consideration.
This is part of an article from the St. Louis Review. However, the article is restricted due to a new policy thta the Review has adopted as of today. Considering the importance of this request to urge Missouri Catholics to contact their State Senators, it is disturbing to see such an article restricted to Paid Subscribers only. This policy is akin to covering the light with a basket. (Matt 5:15)

Regardless of the questionable policy of the Review in this regard, the Missouri Catholic Conference has details here including how to contact your State Senator.

The "confidential" and "private" St. Louis Review article (for those who have a paid subscription) can be found here. (I still can't help but wonder why this policy was implemented - there has been no answer to my letter on the matter.)

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