Saturday, April 30, 2005

Priests Say They Weren’t Consulted on Bishop Braxton

On Valentine's Day, a dozen or so Belleville priests gathered to discuss what kind of bishop would best be suited to lead their diocese.
The members of the Presbyterial Council had been asked by Cardinal Francis George of Chicago to assess three things: the qualities they would like in their next bishop, the current state of the Belleville diocese and the future needs of the diocese.
The priests never got a chance to go to Chicago. A month after their meeting, Edward K. Braxton of Lake Charles, La., and a former auxiliary bishop of St. Louis, was named bishop of Belleville.
The story states that some of the priests are "furious"...But that's not all - the Post is quick to add comments from FOSIL (Fellowship of Southern Illinois Laity), a group with ties to Call to Action and other groups espousing heresy or heterodoxy. (Sources: here, here, here, and here).
"I would hope (George) would not intentionally (mislead the priests)," said Anne Harter, a member of the Fellowship of Southern Illinois Laity, a group active in promoting lay involvement in the church. "And that leads me to believe that he was simply not consulted."
The remaining article makes for interesting reading, considering: some money issues raised, that Bishop Braxton would like a priest on staff for prayer and conversation, and the possibility of his bringing in more priests from abroad doesn't seem to sit well with others in Belleville.

Article here.

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