Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mario Cuomo, Theologian?

Infallibility has its limits

Many of us who cling desperately to our Catholic Church for instruction, inspiration and support prayed that a new Pope would help heal the church's serious wounds and reconnect it more surely to modern realities.

Instead, the cardinals have chosen a good and holy man who, we are told, rather than reform the status quo will reaffirm it more insistently than before.
Many of the deep wounds repeatedly inflicted on the body of Christ, come from people such as the author of this article. None of us are blameless.

Mario then "enlightens" those who will read his nonsense:
The current challenge of the church is twofold.
The second challenge is to reassess the alterable rules made for us by the male descendants of Peter who were and are humanly frail, as he was, and to readjust those rules to better serve the purpose of helping modern Catholics to live fuller and holier lives in this ever-changing world. This would include, among other things, reconsidering celibacy, women's role in the church and other contentious man-made church policies.

The church can do this without abandoning its fundamental commitment to the Gospel of Jesus, and has in fact done it in the past in changing its position on slavery, usury, salvation outside the church and divorce.
Utterly clueless as a professed Catholic. I was told this same claptrap by a local priest when I asked him to clarify his denial of the perpetual viginity of Mary.

Mario Cuomo is no more a theologian than this keyboard, nor is he qualified to speak about infallibility, let alone the Catholic faith...the real question is whether Mario is actually Catholic at all. Since he is an ardent advocate of the pro-death abortion agenda, he has willingly, it seems, abandoned the Church.


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