Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Town Talk for April 27, in Defense of John Paul II

Defenders of the faith

THIS IS IN regard to "Pope John Paul, the anti-Christ": I am a Baptist and the Bible says the man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart in Daniel 16:7 and in Matthew 7:1. The Bible says judge not that you do not judge. Read your Bible and quit criticizing that poor man. Let him rest.

A LOT OF people seem confused about the popularity of the pope. The pope represents everything Christ-like and he is the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church. When Catholics congregate they are not there to worship the pope, but the presence of Christ. When you join others in faith, you are in the presence of the Holy Spirit, which is what Christ's love is all about.

Repent, repent

SHAME AND WOE on those who put down the Catholic Church and our beloved John Paul II, who is truly a saint. Don't you have any moral ethics? Don't you realize that the pope is the personal representative of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Go back in history and you'll find it. Know that you will be prayed for so that your sins will be forgiven.

I'M CALLING IN reply to the person who called about John Paul the anti-Christ. I have a message for him. He doesn't have far to go to look for the anti-Christ. Just go to the nearest mirror and look in it and the anti-Christ will stare at you right back. I hope you print this because this really hurt me and a lot of people.
A couple of today's coments from the Post Dispatch Town Talk section...I skipped the last couple of weeks entries, especially the truly hateful ones...


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