Friday, April 29, 2005

An Update to a Town Talk Response

When this defense of Pope John Paul II was posted on Wednesday, I evidently had missed posting the "Town Talk" piece to which it referred. So here is the offending message as it appeared two weeks ago:
Pope John Paul the anti-Christ?

THIS IS GOING to come as a shock to most of the people that might read this. Read the Bible and see what Jesus says about the anti-Christ. He says he dresses as a wolf in sheep's clothing. He's going to be loved by the world and even the elect will fall for him and everybody will follow him. I've been thinking about that and I see this pope refusing to give up and go to heaven. That's what Catholics are supposed to look for when they die. They should let go and be glad to go to heaven. But this pope refuses to let go. Isn't there something wrong there? It seems to me that this pope is too much in love with the world. He loves the world and he loves the people in it. But the anti-Christ is supposed to be the same way. He's gonna be loved by everybody and everybody will follow him. Please somebody think about it. If there's a priest out there that has an answer to this, answer in the paper please.

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