Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pro-abortion politicians excommunicated, Pope says

...the Holy Father was asked whether he supported the Mexican bishops who have announced the excommunication of politicians who voted to approve legalization of abortion in Mexico City. The Pontiff replied that he did.

"They did nothing new, nothing arbitrary or surprising," the Pope said of the Mexican bishops. "They simply announced to the public what is stipulated by the law of the Church."

Later the Vatican press director, Father Federico Lombardi, enlarged on the Pope's remarks during his own conversation with reporters. Father Lombardi pointed out to reporters that the Code of Canon Law provides the penalty of excommunication for anyone directly involved in abortion. That penalty would apply to politicians who support the legalization of abortion, he said. (my emphasis)

The most encouraging, yet sad news of the day - encouraging in that there is a clarification from the Holy Father's remarks that, indeed, those legislators who vote for or support laws permitting abortion excommunicate themselves. But it is also sad that these people, blinded by arrogance or ignorance, choose to ignore the teachings of the Church and further the slaughter of the most innocent...

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