Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Stats from Magister's article...

Excerpts from Magister's article:

...three out of four [Latino Catholics] are convinced that God guarantees wealth and health for those who have faith. (the "prosperity gospel"?)

...among Catholic "Latinos" 28 percent describe themselves [as "charismatic"] out of five [Latino emigrants] has changed religion, almost all of them out of the "desire for a more direct and personal experience of God." (So the Holy Mass is not sufficient? Nor the Sacraments, or the Church or living one's faith and vocation?)

... 57 percent [of Latino Catholics] ask that the Church speak out from time to time on social and political questions.

...52 percent of Catholics from Latin America are against homosexual marriage, (So half are not Catholic?)

...54 percent [of Latino Catholics] maintain that abortion should be illegal, (So half are not Catholic?)

...40 percent [of Latino Catholics] oppose the death penalty...

...three times as many Hispanic Catholics identify themselves as Democrats...(The number don't seem to add up here?)

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