Monday, March 31, 2008

Controversial Chicago Priest Defends Rev Jeremiah Wright

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright received a thunderous, standing ovation from members of St. Sabina Church...

"When he came out, people literally went wild," said St. Sabina's pastor, the Rev. Michael Pfleger....

Wright did not talk publicly about Obama on Friday night. Instead, he gave the benediction at St. Sabina and smiled as the audience sang "Happy Birthday" to [poet Maya] Angelou.

Wright attended at the invitation of Pfleger, who called recent criticism of Wright "shameful."

"I wanted him to come here so he could see that people really stand with him and support him while he's under all this attack," Pfleger said Saturday. "America, unfortunately, has been really cheated of knowing the real Dr. Wright...."
Pfleger's been in the middle of other controversies before: here, here, here and here.

I heard Pfleger state that Wright is one of the most brilliant scripture scholars alive - I suspect that he's quite confused and is thinking of N.T.Wright - not Obama's spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright.

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