Monday, June 09, 2008

Answers, What's Your Moral IQ of Charity towards Ourselves?

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1. It is a supernatural act by which we love ourselves for the love of God.

2. Yes. God has created us for heaven. We have a serious obligation to go there, and unless we learn the means of getting there, we will never arrive at our goal.

3. Yes. We must acquire a knowledge of religious and secular subjects that will help us to be virtuous and to save our souls.

4. If he means that he has a right to that idleness that leads men to sin, he is not correct.

5. Yes, if it is necessary for me to obtain sustenance or to help me avoid sins that are the fruit of idleness.

6. Because I am not the owner of myself but the steward who is to give an account to God on the day of judgment.

7. No. I may wish to die in order to go to heaven or to escape extraordinary suffering.

8. Yes. I have a grave obligation.

9. Yes, unless suffering would be an occasion for me fall1ng into sin.

10. Yes, if they willl not be an occasion for me fall1ng into sin.
Adapted from The Queen's Work Magazine, April 1946

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