Saturday, November 08, 2008

News Updates, 11/8

Bishop of Diocese Where Biden Received Communion Calls Him to Account over Abortion
Bishop John Richard of the Pensacola-Tallahassee diocese reminded Biden that his policies reflect "a profound disconnection" from his obligation as a Catholic "to protect the weakest and most innocent among us: the child in the womb."...

Possible Barack Obama Supreme Court Nominee Harold Koh Backs Abortion
Washington, DC ( -- When the times comes for Barack Obama to make his first selection for the Supreme Court, Harold Hongju Koh, the dean of Yale Law School, is one of the people on his short list...

Abortion is "Non-Negotiable": Archbishop of Santa Fe, Argentina
"It's necessary to help the girl (who is pregnant) but not to propose the unacceptable solution of abortion," wrote the archbishop. "Abortion is not negotiable. If life exists, it has rights and it is necessary to respect them."

Obama Portrayed as Saint in Latino Newspaper
BOSTON – Barack Obama is compared to a saint on the front page of the Nov. 6, 2008 edition of Boston’s weekly Spanish-language newspaper El Planeta....article is titled, “San Martín de Obama”...includes 12 illustrations of Obama dressed in robes and holding a crucifix.

Syria's Assad congratulates Obama
Syria's state news agency says the country's president sent a telegram congratulating Barack Obama on winning the US presidential elections. SANA's report late Friday says President Bashar Assad expressed hope that with Obama's victory, "constructive dialogue" will prevail and "overcome difficulties that stood as an obstacle to actual progress toward peace, stability and prosperity in the Middle East."

Obama: Extremists Say His Election In Harmony With Islam
(ANSAmed) - BEIRUT, NOVEMBER 7 - Barack Obamàs victory in the American presidential elections is a "demonstration of democracy according to the caliphate model in the origins of Islam". This was said by the spokesperson for the Hizb al-Tahrir (Liberation party) in Lebanon, a pan-Islamic extremist group which operates illegally in several Muslim countries and which has for decades sung the praises of the fight "against American domination" in the world. "Obama was elected by the majority of the American people and this is in harmony with our political representation system based on the example of the classical Islamic caliphate when Muslim followers elected the Caliph", Ahmad Qasas, spokesperson of the Tahrir, told ANSA, on the occasion of the party presenting its political programme in Beirut...

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