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Book 1: Meditation, Prayer, and the Particular Examen, 8/05

A Talk About Prayer* (Part 2)

On the words, "Our Father," the soul may consider what a great thing it is to be the son or daughter of such a great Lord and Sovereign, and what it is to have such a Father, Who is almighty, all-loving, all-good, able and desirous to help and benefit His child to the uttermost. Again, having such a Father in God, His only-begotten Son is become our brother, in Whom we are all brethren, coheirs with Him, and brethren and fellow-citizens with the saints and angels in heaven. And having such a Father and such brethren, we should have very great confidence that, if we are faithful children, all things will cooperate together for our good, and heaven will be ours hereafter; and any other such like thoughts that may present themselves to our minds. Then we can raise our souls to God in acts of love, thanksgiving, filial fear-" confidence, and joy, and spend thus as long a time as we desire before going on. And all this and much more on the first simple words, "Our Father."...

(Continued tomorrow)

* From Spencer's "The Little Grain of Wheat."

From "Prayer-Book for Religious"
by Rev. F.X. Lasance
Copyright 1904, 1914

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