Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just for Today, May 30

Behold, our King marches before us, who will fight for us. Let us follow Him like men of courage, and not shrink through fear; let us be ready valiantly to die in battle, and not suffer our glory to be tarnished by flying from the standard of the Cross.

-Bk. III,. ch. lvi.

For Thee I have a longing desire, and therefore must sigh after Thee, and cry, and pray.

-Bk. III, ch. lix.

There is a passage in the Canticle of Canticles [in the French] where the bride is compared to singing choirs in an army encamped, which might well be applied to you. Through suffering your life has become a field of battle; for it to be also as singing choirs, you must be a harp for Jesus to play on. But there is something lacking in a concert if no one sings; if Our Lord plays, then Celine must sing. To a sad melody she will sing songs of exile; to a joyful one songs of Heaven...Everything of this world, its sad and joyful happenings, will be like distant sounds powerless to make the harp-strings vibrate. Only the touch of Our Lord's hands can do that.

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Adapted from Just For Today(©1943 Burns & Oates)
Nihil Obstat: Reginaldus Phillips, S.T.L.,Censor deputatus
Imprimatur: Edwardus Myers, Vic. Cap.

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