Friday, May 30, 2008

Meditation for May 31, Perseverance in Prayer

How graphically the Acts describe the conduct of the Apostles after the Ascension: All these were persevering with one mind in prayer, with the women and Mary the Mother of Jesus. (Acts 1, 14.)

They persevered. Before leaving, the Good Master had said to them: You shall receive the power of the Holy Ghost, coming upon you. (Acts i, 8.) They wait, not knowing the times or the mo­ments which the Father hath put in His own power.

They hold themselves in readiness. God's hour will be their hour.

In prayer. Still disheartened by their separation from the Mas­ter, whom they had found again for an instant, and who had now gone from them forever, they needed to be comforted.

Moreover, to prepare for the task Jesus had assigned them to Go into the whole world and preach the Gospel to every creature (Matt. xvi, 15) and to be witnesses (Acts 1, 8) of the holiness of the Savior's Message, they needed help. What could be better than prayer? And so they pray.

Together. They do not pray alone, in isolation; they are united, not only in the oneness of an identical location, but in the unan­imity of hearts, all in harmony and vibrating in unison. To­gether they speak of the Master recounting His teaching and the pleasant meetings of the last days. They go over together their cowardice and the sinister weakness of their desertion.

With Mary the Mother of Jesus. The Virgin is there, not to preside authoritatively over the destiny of the Church, but to give her maternal aid. Mother of the Eternal Son, she is mother of the sons of men. It is fitting that she be there. What comfort she imparts to them.

Mother, O Mother, prepare me for the coming of the Holy Spirit, that He may possess me in the fulness of His power.
Adapted from Meditations for Religious
by Father Raoul Plus, S.J. (© 1939, Frederick Pustet Co.)

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