Friday, August 25, 2006

An Observation from the Diocese of Orange.... remember, don't you? That diocese where the bishop pulled a lady from her knees who wanted to receive Holy Communion kneeling? The diocese in which a priest claimed that it was a mortal sin to kneel to receive Holy Communion?

Well, this one is worth reading...for no other reason, to be thankful if you do not live there. (letter below edited and forwarded by Mass Abuse)

Fr. Art Holquin states:
"“Translations are like women: when they are faithful, they are not beautiful; and when they beautiful, they are not faithful!”

Let me introduce you to Fr. Art Holquin.

He is now in the prestigious position of Pastor at the ONLY Basilica in the Diocese of Orange - Basilica Mission San Juan Capistrano - AND the Old Mission San Juan Capistrano with a very large Mission San Juan Cap. elementary school in the same block (he doesn't live in the rectory, though - Bishop Brown bought him a nice condo (see Bishop Browns other "gifts to special priests"

This is the priest who, while rector at the Cathedral of the Diocese of Orange (another very public and prestigious position - another VERY large parish with an elementary school, refused to distribute communion to a woman who knelt to receive (he sidestepped and invited others to receive, while she remained kneeling at the sanctuary step). When the second and 3rd person also knelt to receive, Fr. Art handed the ciborium to the Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion and returned to and sat in the presider's chair (with his chin in his hand) while the EMHC's distributed communion to the rest of the faithful.

This is the same person (Fr. Art Holquin) who, after Fr. Rod Stephens decided to leave the priesthood in order to continue to live with his male friend, hired ex-father Rod to serve on the committee of the Mission San Juan Capistrano's Serra Chapel Conservator Assessment team to help with the refurbishing of the Old Mission San Juan Capistrano.

And is the same pastor who printed a glowing report of Voice of the Faithful in his parish bulletin (and posted it on the parish website)
(here's some first hand info about the group )

Well, the latest spiritually sick and morally perverted statement comes from Fr. Art Holquin on page 14 of Bishop Brown's monthly newspaper, The OC Catholic, August 2006 edition, bottom of the second column.

He states, “Translations are like women: when they are faithful, they are not beautiful; and when they beautiful, they are not faithful!”
As a faithful Catholic - I cannot conceive of a more demeaning statement about women.


If a decent heterosexual man had that thought - he'd leave it unsaid. If he had said it after a few drinks at a dinner party, it would have been horrible. But to decide to write it down, then to have it printed in the monthly CATHOLIC paper that is at the back of ALL OF OUR 62 PARISHES in the diocese and read by THOUSANDS of Catholics, young and old, is appalling.

This man is SUPPOSED to be a father to his flock. What father would speak like that about his wife to his children? About his mother to his brothers and children? How dare he scandalize the children and young adults and especially the young ladies of our diocese. And how dare he insult ALL faithful, Catholic wives. And how dare he demean Our Blessed Mother who was also both beautiful and faithful.

One can tell the character of a man based on what he finds amusing. This man is neither a decent man nor a proper priest. He CERTAINLY should not have access to young minds, NOR be a pastor preaching to huge congregations and pastoring a parish elementary school, nor should he be hearing young adults and children's confessions and advising them.

Ladies, for the sake of your dignity and that of the church, please admonish Fr. Holquin. Men, for the sake of your wives and your daughters, please admonish Fr. Holquin. Young men , for the sake of your future wives, please admonish Fr. Holquin.

Please call Fr. Holquin's office (949-234-1360) and request a public apology to all women from the pulpit. And then request his resignation. He does not have the mind or the character necessary to honorably serve God as a priest. Consider withholding your Sunday donation until this occurs. And let Fr. Holquin know why you will not donate.

Then call (Bishop Brown (714-282-3000) and admonish him for printing this perversion in his monthly newspaper and request that Fr. Holquin be admonished and removed. Consider withholding your PSA donation until this occurs, and let the bishop know why you will not donate.

HT to massabuse for the email.

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He also posted an article in his bulletin saying that homosexual priests are a gift to the Church: