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Principles and Practices - Starting November 18

We are nearing the completion of the texts from the little book, Just for Today, Selections from St Teresa of Lisieux and The Imitation of Christ, which will end on November 17.

So that there will be no breaks in the daily meditations, on November 18, I will continue with additional texts for meditation and reflection from another small book from 1930 titled "Principles and Practices". This book was compiled by Rev. J. Hogan Of The Catholic Missionary Society and includes daily readings from a variety of sources, such as: Ronald Knox, Archbishop Goodier, St Catherine of Siena, St John of the Cross, Raoul Plus SJ, St Francis de Sales, and many, many others.

I hope that these daily reflections are as helpful to others as they are to me, especially as they come from good Catholic books which are no longer in print or which are rather difficult to find. I use the daily readings from these books to provide an additional sustenance for my wanting spiritual life. As many of us are bombarded daily with attacks from the world and from Satan, I find these helps to be desperately needed today.

The preface of the book, Principles and Practices, is reproduced below, as are the relevant ecclesiastical approvals and the publisher information. I hope you find it enjoyable and worthy of your time. God bless you all.
Principles and Practices
Compiled By
Rev. J. Hogan
of The Catholic Missionary Society

The object of this selection of excerpts is not to offer any inducement to an indulgence in the tendency of the day--to shirk the study of complete works, and to be satisfied with paragraphs of information, but to stimulate to deeper inquiry and to reach for complete expositions.

But facts have to be faced, and there are people who need and desire food for thought in the spiritual life and who say they have no time for the master volumes. Perhaps this book will help both ways.

With real concentration, sincere reflection, and practical application it will not be useless.

Similar extracts will appear week by week in the Catholic Times.
J. H.
Published by
Burns Oates & Washbourne Ltd.
Publishers To The Holy See

Nihil Obstat; Eduardus J. Mahoney, S.T.D. Censor deputatus.
Imprimatur; Edm. Can. Surmont, Vicarius generalis.

die 12a Junii, 1930.
First printed in 1930
Made and Printed in Great Britain

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