Thursday, June 05, 2008

Archbishop Chaput Challenges ‘Roman Catholics for Obama’

DENVER — Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver chided a group called Roman Catholics for Obama ’08 for quoting him out of context on voting for a pro-abortion candidate....

The controversy began after excerpts from an earlier column were posted on the website as a possible solution to the “voting dilemma” of supporting Obama, whose “position on abortion is in conflict with the vision of the Church.”
The only solution to the “voting dilemma” these people have is to abandon the marxist, anti-life B. Hussein Obama. It's that simple - no more "dilemma." That would require, however, a small bit of integrity and character - things which quite scarce among both Obama and his supporters.

...the group offered this assessment: “After faithful thought and prayer, we have arrived at the conclusion that Senator Obama is the candidate whose views are most compatible with the Catholic outlook, and we will vote for him because of that — and because of his other outstanding qualities — despite our disagreements with him in specific areas.”
These so-called "Catholic" clowns are incapable of "faithful thought and prayer." This Obama character does not even come close to being "compatible with the Catholic outlook." It's amazing how some Catholics could be so dim-witted and foolish.

When I read or hear of incidents like this I am reminded of Fr. Corapi's quip, "God placed limits on our intelligence, but evidently, He did not put any limits on our stupidity."

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