Monday, July 07, 2008

Another Resignation from St Cronan's

As reported by the National Catholic Reporter:
Beleaguered St. Louis parish hit again

"Beleaguered?" For what, rebelling against the teachings of the Church with respect to homosexuality and women priests, to name a couple?

Beleaguered St. Cronan parish in St. Louis, Mo., from which Sister of Charity Louise Lears was banished last month as a pastoral associate for her support of women’s ordination, has been hit again by the resignation of its pastoral associate, Sean Collins.

Collins announced his decision to end his parish work in a letter dated July 2nd to the St. Cronan parish council.

“I believe in the days ahead my calling is to continue our common work of praying for peace and trying to make real in the city of St. Louis the Reign of God,” Collins wrote. “I have come to the conclusion that I will be hampered in that calling, personally, if I remain an employee of a parish in the archdiocese.”

I guess that's why we could not find bulletin updates...And, he was "employed" by the archdiocese? Is it not beyond strange that employees of the archdiocese are "paid" to promote dissent?

Until last week the St. Cronan leadership team included Father Gerry Kleba, the pastor, as well as Lears and Collins, the co-pastoral associates. Parish members say they referred to all three as “co-pastors.” [Emphasis added]

I'm sure they did..."Co-pastors"....Co-pastor Sean, Co-pastor Louise, and Co-pastor Gerry...This in direct opposition to the position of the Church. But when one rejects certain, specific doctinals teachings, it's not too difficult to ignore other disciplinary requirements.

Collins says his plans now are to join with a group of people -- some former Cronan parishioners and others -- to investigate what “being church” might mean in the months ahead. “What form that takes, I'm not sure,” he said. “But I am sure excited to find out.”

"...his plans now are to join with a group of people...some former Cronan parishioners and others." It's referred to as Episcopalian in some parts. Or something else which usurps the name "Catholic" as "Sts. Clare and Francis," the Episcopal 'Catholic' Communion, [which isn't], or St Stanislaus, or others. There's plenty from which to choose. Last I heard, St Cronan's former Religious Ed director(?) is, as I understand it, gearing up to be a priestette in the ECC....

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