Friday, July 11, 2008

News Updates, 7/11

Pope's Next Encyclical in the Works Expected to Give Fresh Look at 21st Century

Rabbi would have denied permission to record "ordination"
“They [the archdiocese] didn’t ask. Had they done so, I would have politely said ‘no.’ There were simply too many vulnerable people gathered there.”
[Ed note: it's unclear what she means by "vulnerable"]

Mental disorder afflicting 'progressive' Catholics
Marked by aversion to cappa magna for bishops, cardinals

McDonald's: those opposing SSM motivated by hate
Spews rhetoric of homosexual activists

U.S. To Send Largest International Pilgrim Group To World Youth Day In Sydney
15,000 young people to attend WYD

Glamour lesbians attack Pope and Catholic Church
Group believes world was created by an alien civilization

Students disciplined for refusing to pray to Allah
Boys were not interested in assuming Muslim posture

Cardinal Pell is facing mounting pressure to resign
Sex abuse victims of Catholic clergy called for his scalp

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