Friday, July 11, 2008

NCR, Others, Aflicted with "Cappaphobia" ?

National Catholic Reporter posts another of its caustic diatribes against Archbishop Burke comparing him to Bull Connor.

Every Catholic bishop in the United States today faces the daunting challenge of ministering to a church that is divided, one in which faithful members are often suspicious of authority, and in which younger Catholics are either dismissive of authority or altogether missing from the pews.

If the Church is divided, it is clearly a result of a cacophony of dissenting voices like those of the "Distorter," and its like minded pseudo-Catholics and unfaithful priests and bishops who either support them or fail to address the rebellious movements.

To claim that these rebels represent "faithful members" who are "often suspicious of authority" is to obscure the real truth. These are members who openly rebel against a myriad of doctrines and disciplines and who engage others to join in their rebellion.

This is a mutinous lot seeking to assume command of the ship, though, because of their debilitating mental disorders, would not even qualify as galley slaves.

A recents article, "Cappaphobia: mental disorder afflicting progressive Catholics," confirms what we have long suspected about the psychological well-being of our dissenting brothers and sisters. Let's read more of the NCR Editorial hit-piece which confirms our suspicions of cappaphobia:

Burke, a champion of traditionalists throughout the country, worked tirelessly to put in place a vision of a kind of retro-church, heavy on the use of Latin and anachronistic royal role play including elaborate capes, canopies and attendants.

How many times have we witnessed, right here on this blog, the derisive comments about the archbishop's cappa magna? Cappaphobia must be one of the explanations - that, or a sick, deep hatred or rejection of ecclesiastical authority, as confirmed by NCR and others:

...Burke brought a distinctive model to bear: He met dissenters with canon law and excommunications.

This is, in fact, an outright falsehood. Dissent, disobedience and rebellion still exist in the archdiocese - very few have been excommunicated and they brought on the penalties themselves by acts of schism. In fact, Archbishop Burke always, as the true spiritual father he is, tried to meet dissenters with prayer and compassion. But why should NCR let the truth get in the way of its propaganda. It serves, not the Church or the truth, but the father of lies.

Burke has been one of the most polarizing figures in the history of the St. Louis archdiocese and leaves St. Louis with many victims in his wake, the last being a dedicated and caring Sister of Charity, Louise Lears...

Here it comes again - it's a hanky moment...Let us ask to whom Lears was "dedicated." Was she dedicated to Christ and His Church, or to some other messiah and some other church?

The answer is obvious by her rejection of Ordinatio Sacerdotalis and her support for priestettes. She may have been dedicated to her fellow dissenters at St Cronan's and other "cappaphobics."

And let's be clear - it was not Archbishop Burke who was the "polarizing figure." To assert this claim as fact indicates a willful blindness to the truth. The polarizing figures are those so-called Catholics who publicly and obstinantly thumbed their noses or raised their middle fingers to the Church, Archbishop Burke, their fellow Catholic brothers and sisters, or the unborn, or others - these are the "polarizing" ones. They disrupt the unity of the Church, bringing division with them.

The fact that Archbishop Burke dealt with rebellion as he did gave faithful Catholics a sense of hope that bishops can be like the Apostles and that the demise of dissent might be on the horizon.

My prayer for those professed Catholics suffering from cappaphobia or other disorders and who reject fidelity as outmoded and pre-Vatican II, is to be blessed by more bishops like Archbishop Burke - a faithful and fearless shepherd who knows where to lead his flock, and who protects the flock from the many ravenous wolves claiming to be Catholic.

To see a number of pictures of the Cappa Magna, some with Archbishop Burke, check it this website.

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