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What Kind of a Theologian Are You? The Nativity

You know that
"all those things are to be believed with divine and Catholic faith which are contained in the written or orally transmitted word of God, and which the Church, either by a solemn judgment or by her ordinary and universal magisterium, proposes for belief as having been divinely revealed." (Vatican Council.)

Can you recognize truths which are of divine and Catholic faith?

Try the following quiz on The Nativity.

Give yourself 10 points for each of the 10 questions Which you answer correctly.
If you score 95-100, give yourself a SCL (summa cum laude);
90-94, a MCL (magna cum laude);
85-89, a CL (cum laude);
80-84, a BP (bene probatus);
70-79, a P (probatus);
1>-69, a NP (non probatus).

[Answer each "a, b, c, d" with Yes, No, or the proper response]

1. Who said' "And thou, Bethlehem Ephrata, art a little one among the thousands of Juda: out of thee shall...come...the ruler of Israel"?

2. That tiny Babe in the manger was
a) miraculously conceived;
b) immaculately conceived;
c) miraculously born;
d) miraculously nourished.

3. Even as a Babe He was
a) King;
b) Head of the whole human family;
c) the Mediator between God and men.

4. The Infant had
a) the infused virtue of faith;
b) the infused virtue of charity;
c) the Gifts of the Holy Ghost.

5. Could the shepherds tell just by looking at Him that He
a) was not a human person;
b) was a divine person;
c) was the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity?

6. Who later on called Him
a) "Christ, the Son of the living God";
b) "The only-begotten Son who is in the bosom of the Father"?

7. That Infant had
a) two wills;
b) two free wills;
c) two noncontrary wills;
d) two omnipotent wills.

8. His human intellect
a) was immune from error;
b) was omniscient;
c) had the beatific vision.

9. Is it of divine and Catholic faith that He had a body that was
a) brought from heaven;
b) born of Mary;
c) mortal;
d) adorable?

10. Who said of Him
a) "'In the beginning was the Word...and the Word was God...and the Word was made flesh";
b) "God sent his Son born of a woman"?

Answers next Monday...

Adapted from The Queen's Work Magazine, December 1946

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