Monday, May 22, 2006

Antonin Scalia: Keep Foreign Law Out of Decisions

Judges around the world have come to believe they are charged with deciding "the most profound moral questions," Scalia said. "Should there be the death penalty? Should there be a right to abortion? Should homosexual conduct be proscribed?"

"If you believe that, of course you are going to cite the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, because those guys wear robes just as you do," said Scalia. "And therefore they also have been charged with determining the most profound moral questions of mankind."

Of those he feels lean too heavily on foreign law, Scalia asked rhetorically, what authority can be cited when a court that says constitutional law which "used to say one thing now says something else?"
Every U.S. judge who refuses to abide by the Constitution by invoking some foreign law in his decision should be impeached for failing to exercise the oath he took upon entering the judicial branch of the government for he does not uphold and defend the Constitution but aids in perverting and destroying it.

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