Thursday, May 25, 2006

More Judicial Tyranny

International Law Threatens Home Schooling Warns Home School Legal Defense
PURCELLVILLE, Virginia, May 25, 2006 ( - A home schooling association is warning that the U.S., and even more so other countries, faces the threat that home schooling may be deemed illegal due to international law.

The Home School Legal Defense Association's (HSLDA) Chairman and General Counsel, Michael Farris, warns that even though the U.S. has never ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the convention may still be binding on citizens because of activist judges.
All that is necessary for the US to become part of this international takeover is for the voting public to continue to elect reprobates to politcal office...It seems to me, that this, too, is part of the spiritual warfare in which we are currently embattled. There is a concerted effort by some to destroy the family - and this will destroy society as we know it. As the country and world becomes more and more paganized, the necessity of prayer, reparations and sacrifice increases.

Complete article here.

In light of the above and more, here is a Parents Prayer for Children

O Jesus, Lover of children, bestow Your most precious graces on those whom You have confided to our care. Increase in them faith, hope and charity. May Your love form them to solid piety; inspiring them with horror for sin, love of work and an ardent desire of worthily approaching Your Holy Table. Preserve in them innocence and purity of heart and if they should offend You, grant them the grace of prompt and
sincere repentance.

From Your Tabernacle watch over them day and night, protect them in all their ways. Grant that they may acquire the knowledge they need, that they may embrace the state of life to which You call them.

Give us for them a sincere love, constant vigilance, generous devotedness. Be here below our sweetest consolation and in Heaven our eternal reward. Amen.

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