Thursday, May 25, 2006

"Fraternal Correction" Needed for Wisconsin Governor

Doyle restates support of stem cell research

Governor responds to criticism from two Catholic bishops

Associated Press

MADISON — Gov. Jim Doyle broke with Wisconsin's two most prominent Catholic bishops on Wednesday, bluntly telling them he would not rethink his strong support of embryonic stem cell research.

"While I appreciate your thoughts on this important issue, I also feel a responsibility to promote vital research which holds the potential to save countless lives and bring thousands of jobs to our state," Doyle, a Catholic, wrote in a letter to Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan and Madison Bishop Robert Morlino.
This public statement by a professed Catholic must not go uncorrected. This is a statement in open defiance of, not only these bishops, but the natural moral law and the decalogue. This man favors taking the live of the innocent to further human experimentation. He is also more concerned with money rather the the lives of innocent human beings.

Doyle's executive order set a statewide goal of capturing 10 percent of the stem cell technology market by 2015 and directed the Department of Commerce to use $5 million to recruit and help stem cell companies.
This man is motivated by Satan and not by God - he is spiritually bankrupt! He brings disgrace and scandal to all that is Christian!

The governor responded that the research typically involves using surplus embryos at fertility clinics that would be discarded anyway.

"The ultimate question isn't whether embryos will be destroyed, but whether we should allow a few of those unused embryos to be utilized saving lives instead of discarding them," Doyle wrote. "I believe we should come down on the side of saving lives."
Some would, no doubt, propose that we have a surplus of ignorant, pompass governors and legislators who would be excellent specimens for scientific "research"...After all, they're going to die someday anyway.

The bishops of the state need to act on this travesty immediately...This man who claims to be Catholic, is openly rejecting the teaching of the Church. This public rebellion needs a public response. Apparently, "dialogue" has again proven to be an inadequate means for correcting openly public, scandalous politicians.

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