Thursday, May 25, 2006

By Their Fruits.... will know them...

Scotland abortions reach all-time high

Glasgow, May. 25, 2006 (CNA) - Policymakers in Scotland must gather their courage to publicly discourage early sexual activity and promote abstinence, said Archbishop Mario Conti of Glasgow after new government statistics revealed that the number of abortions in the country have reached an all-time high. There were 12,603 abortions in Scotland in 2005.

Poor Scotland...While abortions are currently on the rise, the future holds the promise that in a few years there may be a significant decrease due to the fact that the children are going to be taught how to have "safe" sex - homosexual style...What a plan!

The new data demonstrates that “the current approach of ever greater availability of contraception, ever more explicit sex education and ever easier access to abortion is a recipe for disaster,” said the archbishop.

Archbishop Conti is right on target, but does anyone listen? Will Scotland be yet another Western country that chooses to commit suicide? Time will tell.

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