Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cardinal Pell on Sexual Morality, "Diabolical" Porn...

LifeSiteNews has the final installment of a three-part interview with Cardinal George Pell.

...I think we've got to explain to society at large not just from the point of view of Christian morality but from natural morality the importance of heterosexual marriage, a man and a woman, the immense benefits that brings to society, and the burdens that other arrangements often bring to society...

"I think a number of people in my generation reacted and rebelled against an excessive Puritanism-which was a bit too strict and too negative-and often fell silent and didn't give to the generation that was then growing up effective guidelines for love.

"I think the pendulum amongst the serious Catholics is swinging back closer to where it should be. But in society generally it's very wild, and of course now you've got the new growth of pornography, videos, the internet, and all the sort of thing, which is really quite diabolical."

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