Monday, May 22, 2006

Cardinal Pell to Pro-Abortion Politicians

"How come you feel that you're able to go to Communion?"

FRONT ROYAL, VA, May 19, 2006 ( - Australia's Cardinal George Pell, was in Front Royal, Virginia over the weekend celebrating Mass and giving the Commencement address at Christendom College. interviewed the Australian Church leader at the college last Friday. This is the second part of that three-part interview.

The response from the pro-aborts is always the same. They have divorced their prodessed faith from their lives. Not only have they separated their alleged faith from their public lives, but, in reality, they have done so in their private lives, as well.

Politicians who, while claiming to be Catholic, actively and routinely vote for pro-abortion laws and policies, are liars and are complicit in the murders of untold numbers of unborn children...There seems to be, from a culpability perspective, manifest little difference between providing the legal means for a murder and another act of cooperation such as paying for abortion or driving an expectant mother to one of the torture and murder mills.

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