Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ford Continues to Support Sexual Deviancy

This comes from an email I received last night:

You Will Absolutely Not Believe What Ford Has Done Now

Ford's magazine sponsorship now includes promotion of repugnant activity

When Ford responds to those who write concerning their promotion of homosexual marriage, the response they get from Ford's Customer Relationship Center says their support "is a strong commitment we intend to carry forward with no exception." For Ford, that support also includes homosexual polygamy.

To show those supporting traditional marriage they mean business, Ford sponsored the June 6 issue of the homosexual publication The Advocate. The cover reads: "Polygamy & Gay Men. Dirty laundry or sexual freedom? How gay men handle multiple partners." The article promotes homosexual polygamy.

Ford sponsored the publication with a full page back cover advertising Ford Motor company product Volvo and a full page ad for all Ford brands with the line: "Ford Motor Company. Standing strong with America's families and communities."

Ford's support for the magazine's promotion of homosexual polygamy leaves no doubt that Ford means to continue pushing the homosexual agenda, even including homosexual polygamy.

To see the front cover, the contents page and the ads for Ford and Volvo, click here. I must warn you, it will be offensive to many. The pages show the contents of the magazine which Ford helped sponsor with two full-page ads, but I felt we must include the proof. If you don't want to see it, please don't click the link.

At their stockholders meeting on May 11, Ford voted 95% of the ballots cast to continue their support of the homosexual agenda rather than be neutral in the cultural battle.

The boycott is working. The value of Ford stock has gone down 13% since the boycott began, while sales continue to drop.

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It's obvious that Ford believes two or more homosexuals in a "relationship" constitutes a family...It's obvious, as well, that Ford thinks more of promoting sexual deviance than it does making cars and trucks...I'm dumping my Ford product - it is a defective piece of junk anyway - kind of like Ford's social philosophy.

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