Friday, May 26, 2006

Pope to Priests:...Be an Expert in the Spiritual Life

Papal Address to Priests in Warsaw Cathedral
"To Be an Expert in the Spiritual Life"

WARSAW, Poland, MAY 25, 2006 ( Here is a Vatican translation of the address Benedict XVI gave to priests today in Warsaw Cathedral, on the first day of his apostolic visit to Poland.

...The faithful expect only one thing from priests: that they be specialists in promoting the encounter between man and God. The priest is not asked to be an expert in economics, construction or politics. He is expected to be an expert in the spiritual life. With this end in view, when a young priest takes his first steps, he needs to be able to refer to an experienced teacher who will help him not to lose his way among the many ideas put forward by the culture of the moment.

In the face of the temptations of relativism or the permissive society, there is absolutely no need for the priest to know all the latest, changing currents of thought; what the faithful expect from him is that he be a witness to the eternal wisdom contained in the revealed word. Solicitude for the quality of personal prayer and for good theological formation bear fruit in life...

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