Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Some Can't Handle the Truth

Commencement Speaker Stirs Controversy

A spring term that began with controversy at the University of St. Thomas ended the same way Saturday when a student used part of his commencement address to admonish people he considered "selfish," including women who use birth control.

The remarks by Ben Kessler, a well-known student recently honored by peers and faculty as Tommie of the Year, led to catcalls and boos during commencement at the Catholic university in St. Paul.

Kessler also alluded to the unmarried professors caught up in the travel policy battles, calling them selfish. And he then called women who use birth control selfish. He also called himself selfish and said he needed to be a better person, said university spokesman Doug Hennes.

Kessler plans on entering the priesthood...

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