Thursday, December 15, 2005

Catholic News Service Carries Review of "Brokeback Mountain"

While the USCCB's review of "Brokeback Mountain" is not signed by the reviewer, an nearly identical review by one Harry Forbes appeared on the Catholic News Service website.

This is an affront to the Catholic community, most especially since it comes directly from the USCCB or from one of its affiliated organizations. Perhaps, the Holy Father needs to be informed of this moral depravity?

To contact individual bishops, click here.

Don't forget to contact these USCCB Officals:
Bishop William S. Skylstad, President
Cardinal Francis George, OMI, Vice President
Archbishop James P. Keleher, Treasurer
Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan, Secretary

What does someone who is grounded in reality say about the movie?
"Don't be fooled by Brokeback Mountain's seven Golden Globe nominations. What a sad day in America when a movie that glorifies homosexuality, adultery, dangerous and deadly unprotected anal sex and deception is up for Best Picture of the Year. This anti-family movie sends a very harmful, insidious message to its viewers, cloaked in awards nominations," said Stephen Bennett, host of Straight Talk Radio.
The morally bankrupt Catholic News Service movie review is here.

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