Friday, December 16, 2005

Fr Bozek's Reaction Regarding His Self-Imposed Excommunication

Apparently, Fr. Bozek has email, though his cell phone doesn't work (I hope the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau isn't picking up the tab). He's in Peru trying to "recharge" his spiritual and physical "batteries"...

As a priest who appears to have problems with obedience, how long will it be before the Board of St. Stanislaus determines that his propensity for disobedience isn't exactly what the board had in mind when they "hired" him? Surely, for his own sake, someone has warned him of this...If not, then he's in for a rude awakening.

Fr. Bozek responded to the news of his automatic excommunication because of his schismatic actions thus:
This news came to me as a surprise and shocked me painfully...It does not make any sense that some people in hierarchy seem to be so threatened by what is happening in St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish...
Steee-rike 1, Reverend! This priest needs a Catechism so he can review things like "Schism" and "Scandal". It's painfully obvious from his comments atht he did not properly learn any of this in his training.
We are accused of schism and declared 'excomunicated' just because we wish to remain faithful to the faith of our fathers and we want to worship in the church of our fathers...
Steeee-rike 2, Father! If you wish to remain "faithful" to the faith of your fathers, you would be humbly obedient to Church authority as your fathers were for so many decades. The opportunity to worship in the church of your fathers has been denied to all the St. Louis Polish people by a rebellious and renegade board.
The penalty of excommunication is much too serious to be declared lightly and we will appeal it to the Holy See trusting that the Pope will understand injustice done to us.
Steeee-rike 3, Father - You're out!!! You are suffering from a self-inflicted wound - no injustice has been dealt to you...Schism is serious and it requires serious medicine. Of course, you can appeal all you want, Padre - ask the Board - they've already been there and done that...It will be to no avail. The Holy Father will understand completely what all of you have done. He will, no doubt, pray for all of you as we are doing, so that all of you might repent of your detrimental and divisive actions and return to the Church. But if you think he will overlook your defiance and disobedience, then you are sadly mistaken - you have been misled by the evil one. You faith has been compromised somewhere along your journey. To lead others toward a path of eternal damnation is a most grave matter.

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