Friday, December 16, 2005

Cries of Anguish from the St. Stanislaus Board

Regarding today's public disclosure by Archbishop Burke that the St Stanislaus board members, the newly hired priest and others who promote the rebellion, disobedience, and the rupturing of the unity of the Church have, indeed, entered into schism, we see the Post-Dispatch airing more cries of anguish and deception from the St. Stanislaus board members and spokesman:
“This is just last of the shameful actions done to us last couple years,” said board member Bob Zabielski. “He wants the property and that’s it and he’s using every weapon in his arsenal. This is nothing more than a peeice of paper written by a man trying to get our property.”
What an arrogant and deceitful statement. It seems as if Mr. Zabielski is completely incapable of recognizing the gravity of his offense against the unity of the Church. Of course, he has the tired old "sound bites" down pat...But then, he's had more than sufficient time to memorize them.

And apparently there is a new (old) spokesman for the group again. I pray that the previous spokesman has reconciled.
Roger Krasnicki, spokesman for the St. Stanislaus board, said he believes the excommunication applies to the six voting board directors and the priest, Bozek.

"I think it's a gross error of judgment on his part," Krasnicki said of Burke's decision. "It's a sad day in the Catholic church."
Wrong, Roger! You failed the test! The gross error was on your part and on the part of all who chose the path of pride, the path of disobedience, the path of death...It is a sad day for the Church, indeed. It always is when there is a rupture of the unity of the Church, when humility and obedience give way under the excessive weight of pride and arrogance.

Many have witnessed spoiled and unruly children behaving in a similar manner. Many times this behavior is manifested because of a certain lack of discipline early on in life. It is particularly disquieting and revealing when we see similar behavior from those who are adults. Rebellion is not an easy thing to deal with, especially when one has gone out of his way to make concessions as Archbishop Burke has done.

Perhaps Fr. Bozek, if he has any faith or any spark of fidelity to Christ and His Church, and if he truly cares for the souls of these people, will return to the diocese of Springfield and advise the lost and wayward dissidents at St Stanislaus to repent and reconcile themselves with the Church, so that they may return to the path which Christ wills for them to follow. This is how Fr. Bozek can truly help these people and their immortal souls.

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