Friday, March 14, 2008

More from the Post-Dispatch on the Excommunicated Womyn Priestesses

St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke has declared two Roman Catholic women who live in the archdiocese, and another who lives in Germany, excommunicated.

The area women, Rose Marie Hudson and Elsie Hainz McGrath, were ordained as priests in an organization called Roman Catholic Womenpriests in November...


Bridget Mary Meehan, a spokeswoman for Roman Catholic Womenpriests, said there were 53 ordained North American members of the organization, which Burke, in the document sent to Hudson and McGrath, called "a new and separate sect."


Meehan said she didn't believe Burke had the authority to declare Fresen excommunicated because she did not live in the St. Louis archdiocese. "We think he's overreaching," she said.
Overreaching, she says???? Much like these malcontents overreaching in thinking that they can become "priests" in the Catholic Church?

Hudson, 68, of Festus, and McGrath, 69, of St. Louis, co-pastor a faith community and hold a worship service for about 35 people Sunday evenings at the First Unitarian Church of St. Louis in the Central West End.

They perform before a small group of likeminded dissenters...And it seems numbers are falling from the initial crowd of about 100 or so. Where, we wonder, is all the support previously demonstrated for these two sad and confused individuals? Numbers have dwindled from the 500-600 at their "ordination" to a mere 35 people today? Counterfeits never seem to last long, do they?

In a statement Thursday, Hudson and McGrath said that they "and all Roman Catholic Womenpriests, reject the penalties of excommunication, interdict, and any other punitive actions from church officials. We are loyal daughters of the church, and we stand in the prophetic tradition of holy (canonical) disobedience to an unjust man-made law that discriminates against women."

Clowns! All of them! Claiming to be "loyal" daughters of the Church...they're loyal daughters, alright, but not to Christ or His Church - they're loyal daughters of the Church of the evil one, walking hand in hand with him on the way to eternal damnation and trying to take as many souls as possible with them. Pathetic!

And just as repugnant as the statements these women make is the fact the Liguori Publications is still selling McGrath's booklets (click here)...Shame on them!

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