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Women's Ordination Conference Issues Absurd Statement Regarding Sr. Louise Lears

And, of course, those at the WOC must have failed to read the decree or - they were unable to comprehend it, since the "News Flash" incorrectly states:

Sister of Charity Wrongfully Penalized by Archbishop Recently Promoted to Vatican's Highest Court

Wrongfully penalized? Aisha Taylor, executive director of the Women's Ordination Conference, issued the following gibberish about the penalties imposed on Sister Louise Lears, SC by Archbishop Raymond Burke:

The penalties callously doled out to Sister Louise Lears – a woman who has dedicated her entire life to serve the Church – is a prime example of the way women are often wrongly treated by the Catholic hierarchy, where dangerous secrecy runs rampant and preserving power in the hands a few ordained men reigns supreme.

There is so much wrong with this one statement, it's amazing that anyone could be so far off base.
1. What makes Aisha think that the penalties were "callously" doled out? Lears had every opportunity to recant and repent of her public scandal but refused. She apparently invited the penalties.

2. How is it possible to "serve the Church" while at the same time refusing to believe or assent to what the Church proposes for our belief or discipline?

3. How can Aisha claim that the imposition of these just penalties is a "prime example of the way women are often wrongly treated by the Catholic hierarchy," when similar interdicts have been applied to "men"? Intellectual honesty demands that one's assertions be substantiated by truth, however, the claims made by Aisha Taylor are, at best, dishonest and deceptive.

4. She also asserts that the Catholic hierarchy engages in a "dangerous secrecy." One logically must then ask - If it's a secret, how then does she know about it?
If there is rampant "secrecy" among a few men in the Vatican, how much of a "secret" is it?
And if this "secrecy" is known by only a very few, how can she claim that it's "dangerous," since she would not know about it?

Taylor seems to say that the Catholic hierarchy conspires and schemes so that they can find news ways to keep women in their place, so to speak - they're trying to keep the woman down! Such an implication speaks volumes - it's delusional and it seems to demonstrate a unhealthy paranoia or some phobia or hatred of men.

A rational mind can only conclude that Taylor and her cohorts have a talent for combining insulting and accusatory words into calumniating ramblings. And we have only looked at the first sentence! Let's continue:

The Women's Ordination Conference supports Sister Louise in her life and ministry in the Church. We oppose these penalties as a way of dealing with differences. Such misuse of church discipline will not intimidate women into accepting marginal status within the Church. Sister Lears remains steadfast in her faith and loyalty to the Church, and she has the support of millions of Catholics who seek only the gospel promise of equality.

All Catholics should support their brothers and sisters in Christ, most especially when those children of God have strayed from the path of Christ as Lears has done. Having been given ample opportunity to reject her obstinancy and rebellion, she maintains her rejection of a doctrine de Fide tenendo.

The imposition of interdict is certainly not a misuse of Church discipline, but a necessary and just means of bringing the wayward soul to repentance for the delicts which he/she has committed and to reconciliation with the Catholic Church.

While one might claim to be steadfast in his faith and loyalty to the Church, it is impossible to do so if one openly and repeatedly rejects a truth of the faith. What wife would accept a statement from her philandering husband that he "remains steadfast in his love and loyalty" to his wife, when he continues to violate his vows by engaging in affairs with other women (or, given today's hedonistic culture, with homosexual men)? Only the naive or mentally diminished would believe such claims.

It is claimed that Lears has the "support of millions of Catholics who seek only the gospel promise of equality." One wonders how it is possible to ascertain that "millions" of faithful Catholics have voiced their support in such a short period of time for her. Again as we have witnessed numerous times before, we suspect that pride and arrogance has blinded those in this small priestette movement, and this has resulted in the grossly inflated figures. As a matter of fact, at the time of this post, the number of online petition signers supporting Lears was less than 300. Go figure!

The decree announcing the penalties states the reason for this action is due to Sister Louise's support of Rose Marie Hudson and Elsie McGrath, the two women who were ordained priests in a St. Louis synagogue on November 11, 2007....

Actually, this is not correct, but then we are dealing with those who reject the truth and reject the Church and all lawful authority. As the statement accompanying the Decree states, the reasons for the penalties are:
1) the obstinate rejection, after written admonition, of the truth of the faith that it is impossible for a woman to receive ordination to the Sacred Priesthood (cann.750, §2; and 1371, 1ยบ);

2) the public incitement of the faithful to animosity or hatred toward the Apostolic See or an Ordinary because of an act of ecclesiastical power or ministry (can. 1373);

3) the grave external violation of Divine or Canon Law, with the urgent need to prevent and repair the scandal involved (can. 1399); and

4) prohibited participation in sacred rites (can. 1365).

Secondly, Hudson and McGrath were not "ordained" priests - they and their lost followers and supporters might consider them some sort of "priestettes" but they are not in any way, shape, or form, Catholic clergy.

Taylor continues:
...The Vatican’s stance on ordination is based on arguments that have been refuted time and again. In 1976, the Vatican’s own Pontifical Biblical Commission determined that there is no scriptural reason to prohibit women’s ordination. Jesus included women as full and equal partners in his ministry, and the hierarchy would do well to follow suit.

Frankly, does it make any difference to the faithful Catholic why the Church teaches what she teaches? It does to those who want to understand more deeply; it does to those who wish to be able to explain it to others. In other cases, some probe and search for loopholes and exceptions - all in an effort to reject a teaching, rather than humbly give one's assent.

These fallen away Catholics, belonging to a divisive and heretical group wish to afford the charism of infallibility to the Pontifical Biblical Commission while denying that gift to the Holy Father upon whom Christ Himself bestowed that power. Common sense would indicate that such a position borders on the insane.

Even more of a stretch is the less than persuasive "suggestion" that the Church should ordain women because Jesus "included women as full and equal partners in his ministry," even though He did not ordain any of those women Himself, nor did any of His Apostles. Well, as some might say, that dog don't hunt.

As usual, Taylor pleads her case that one's conscience, be it malformed or dead, is the highest authority - even after having been informed by the light of truth. This, too, is fallacious and erroneous.

She (and the group) denigrates Archbishop Burke for imposing these penalties because they are "insensitive and unnecessary" - another erroneous statement; and, because she claims that Archbishop Burke is "out of sync with most of his brother bishops." Faithful Catholics might be inclined to say that too many of his brother bishops are, in fact, out of sync with the Church.

Fidelity to Christ and His Church comes at a price - a price many are unwilling to pay. One can obtain that true peace of which of Lord speaks - only when we humble ourselves and follow Him and His Church - then, we experience the wonderful joy of being "free" - because the Truth (which is Christ) has set us free! Rebellion in the Church and against Jesus always causes pain and sorrow, slavery, sin and death. It is a path which leads to eternal separation from our Lord - in a word, damnation.

It should sadden all Catholics that such penalties should ever have to be imposed, but given the fallen nature of mankind, it is something which cannot be entirely avoided. Let us remember that His Excellency asks all of the faithful of the Archdiocese to pray for the reconciliation of Sister Louise Lears with the Church. May all faithful Catholics everywhere do likewise - and let us not forget those confused souls of heretical and schismatic groups like the "Women's Ordination Conference", deceived as they are by the devil himself - they, too, need our prayers.

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